All Natural Goat Milk Soap & Skin Care

All Natural Goat Milk Soap & Skin Care

All Natural Goat Milk Soap & Skin CareAll Natural Goat Milk Soap & Skin CareAll Natural Goat Milk Soap & Skin Care

About Us

Hello From the Bush Family!

Let me introduce my family to you and how Flying Goat Soap started! We are Michael & Stefanie and we own and operate our small goat farm in Eustis, Fl! Our two boy's suffered from horrible dry skin and eczema and nothing was helping relieve their itching and pain. Unfortunately our youngest had to be hospitalized due to his skin issues and during his time at the hospital they pumped his skin full of chemicals and steroids to help get rid of it. We hated every second of it and wanted a better and safer way for our boy's skin to improve! When our doctor recommended we find Goat milk skin care products, I immediately went to the store and online to look for the best! What I found were a bunch of chemically filled soaps and lotions that also had the goat's milk diluted with water. My husband and I were done using harsh and artificial ingredients on our kids, so I went and purchased our very first goat! From there I spent the next few weeks researching everything I could about goat's milk and how to make soaps with no chemicals or artificial ingredients!! After two full weeks of our boy's using nothing but the goat milk soap and lotion I made, their skin did a complete turn around! Three years later and our family no longer suffers from skin issues! We started to share our products with friends and family and Flying Goat Soap was born! From our farm to your skin!

The Flying Goat Promise

Is to always provide skin care that’s free of parabens, sulfates,  gluten, petroleum, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. It’s also why Flying Goat Soap goes to great lengths to source organic and more sustainable ingredients. You will never find any Artificial colorants in our soaps or perfume! we only use Herbs and clays; many of them coming from our own garden and essential oils for scents and added skin benefits! Flying Goat Soap never pasteurizes or dilutes its raw goat milk. This is why we refer to our milk as RAW. Other  goat milk products pasteurize the milk to prolong shelf life; many even use powdered milk. Unfortunately, this damages the very proteins and  vitamins that make it so beneficial. This is why at our farm we use the  freshest milk and never dilute it! NOTHING but the best for your skin!

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